In My Pharmacy Video Challenge

CPhA CEO, Jon Roth, took on the ‘In My Feelings’ challenge with a twist, #InMyPharmacyChallengeWe doubt you can do better, but go ahead a try!


Make your own #InMyPharmacyChallenge video and you could win $100!

Here are the rules:

  • subscribe to California Pharmacists Association ( and include a link to our page in the caption to your video (CPhA YouTube:
  • include these hashtags in your caption: #WPE2019 #inmypharmacychallenge #kikiRx 
  • dress in your work clothes (white pharmacy coat), film in the pharmacy where you work
  • the video with the most LIKES will be shown at the ‘Streets of LA’ fair at Western Pharmacy Exchange and will win a $100 gift card
  • each video counts as its own entry, you can post your video on all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) but each video will be considered separately – contest open until March 8
  • challenge 2 or 3 other pharmacists or pharmacy students at the end of the video
  • everyone you challenged has 72 hours to post their video (those who do not wish to make the challenge video can donate to the student’s scholarships fund here:


To register please show up on-site. If you are a pharmacy technician wanting to register please call Sina Tate at (916) 779-4546.