Film Festival

Congratulations to all the winners and participants of the 2017 WPE Film Festival! You did a commendable job.

UC San Diego – Winner: Best Picture with Most Impact
Title: Provider Status: A Young Pharmacist’s Tale (02:54)

Description: Provider Status: A Young Pharmacist’s Tale is a trailer showing just one transformative aspect of John’s career as a pharmacist. After graduating from pharmacy school John was ready to change the world one person at a time at his local community pharmacy. However, day after day of counting pills, being placed on hold, and encountering long lines of angry people stole the joy John once had for his profession. Then, John’s life was forever changed when pharmacists became providers. Now, John happily provides MTM services, vaccinations, and much more to everyone’s delight while also enjoying reimbursements for his services.


Keck Graduate Institute – Winner: Most Entertaining
Title: Outbreak (03:00)

Description: KGI CPhA-ASP video demonstrates how pharmacists are healthcare providers. KGI’s video takes place at Hendrick’s Pharmacy, where a flu outbreak occurs. A team of pharmacists try to contain the outbreak and save the day by administering vaccines to the patients and all personnel in the pharmacy before they can leave to continue living a healthy life.


University of the Pacific – Winner: Most Illuminating
Title: Draw My Life: Pharmacist (02:14)

Description: “A pharmacy isn’t just a place to pick up medications. We here you to help you achieve better health. We go through all the necessary training to make sure your health is the best it can be because at the end of the day, we are healthcare providers. We care because no matter where we come from, all of us started from the other side of the counter.”


Chapman University School of Pharmacy
Title: CUSP – WPE 2017 “Pharmacists are Healthcare Providers” (01:31)

Description: At CUSP we work in inter-professional healthcare teams to learn optimal care for our future patients!


CA Health Sciences University
Title: I am A Provider (2017) Official Trailer (02:37)

Description: Directed, produced, & edited by Cecilia Kieu (P3), I AM A PROVIDER tells the story of an aspiring football player [Amer Naik] and sassy pharmacy student [Mina Al-Shahed], who are trying to make ends meet in their 20s. Set in modern day Clovis, this musical about everyday life in the classroom and pharmacy explores the progressive roles of pharmacists as healthcare providers.