Frequently Asked Questions

How will CPhA ensure our health and safety during Western Pharmacy Exchange?

All of our educational sessions will be virtual, which means you can experience them poolside, while attending Western Pharmacy Exchange (WPE) in Palm Springs! Our in-person experiences will also take place outdoors (such as the Hall of Fame, networking events, and more fun activities) to ensure your safety during WPE.


How is the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells keeping their guests safe?

The safety and well-being of attendees at WPE is both CPhA and the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells’ priority. To review their safety standards, click here

For even more validation, Forbes reported the Hyatt stands out as the safest hotel chain operating in the pandemic. Read the full report, here.


What if the pandemic forces CPhA to cancel the All Access Palm Springs Experience?

In the event that the CPhA cancels the All Access Palm Springs Experience due to COVID-19 restrictions, attendees will be refunded the difference in ticket fees between the All Access Palm Springs Pass and the Virtual WPE price. Guest fees will be refunded in full.


Will any All Access Palm Springs experiences take place indoors?

As a healthcare organization, it is our utmost priority to follow all health and safety guidelines. As such, all experiences will take place outdoors, under the sun, stars and trees!


Why did you postpone WPE?

We know that pharmacy teams are vital to California’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution network, so we want to make sure that you’re available to vaccinate your communities. When we come together again, we want to do so safely and be able to focus fully on advancing the profession.

How does sponsoring a table at the California Pharmacy Hall of Fame Banquet work?

To help support the 25th anniversary of the Hall of Fame, you can sponsor a table. By sponsoring, you can buy a table for $1,500 for students, or $2,000 for your school alumni Dean or professors, your local association, or CPhA volunteers and staff. For front row VIP tables, perhaps for your family or special close friends, a sponsorship of $2,500 will help the association make this event special and memorable for all. When you sponsor a table, you can provide us with the names of the attendees at your table, and we’ll handle the rest. If you would like to sponsor a student table but don’t have a list of students, we can invite students on your behalf. To sponsor a table, contact Erica Teal.